Tuesday, January 29, 2013

{playing dress up}

Happy Wednesday friends...time to play dress up again!

I'm wearing A LOT of maurices items this week...as in at least one item in each outfit. Can't deny my love for that store! And I wore a fun new patterned tunic from Charming Charlie that was a sweet Christmas gift from my hubby's aunt. She knows me so well. AND it matches my favorite yellow necklace, so she gets bonus points for that. :)

Here's what I've been wearing this past week...

Kohl's cardigan & boots // thrifted top // maurices skinnies

maurices top // thrifted cardigan // Sears skirt // Target boots

Pin from The Pleated Poppy via my friend Kathleen

Kohl's tee, cardigan & jeans // maurices flats

Watch my easy waves hair tutorial HERE!

Top and cardigan c/o maurices // Sears skirt // Target boots

maurices earrings

Charming Charlie top // maurices cardigan // TJ Maxx cords // Kohl's flats

 Thrifted necklace

Groopdealz earrings

The weather was in the 60's yesterday so I loved wearing some bright springy colors. Back to the 20's tomorrow though. Crazy Indiana weather!

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Monday, January 28, 2013

{easy waves hair tutorial}

Happy Monday friends!

I thought I would start out the week with a fun and super simple hair tutorial...in video form!

Be sure to watch until the end because Landon makes an appearance and does something very typical {and hysterical} of 4-year-olds.

And I make quite the stink face at the 5:40 mark. Doing your hair is tough friends. ;)


Here is the tutorial I learned this technique from...

Happy hair do-ing!

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Sunday, January 27, 2013

{around the house}

It has been a really good week for my little blog. Lots of new followers and lots of views thanks to some really great press. I'm beyond thankful. It is really humbling, and can I admit, kind of scary{?!}, to see that almost 2,000 people looked at my blog in one day. 

It creates a bit of panic for me to be honest. 

Like..."O my goodness...what can I come up with next that will be JUST as popular as the last thing?" 

As I was having one of those mini panic attacks last night, trying to think about what I should post next, a little voice told me to chill out. 

"Just share something that makes you happy," it told me.

So here you go...lots and lots of things in our home that are making me happy today...

The last three photos are from some much-needed decorating I did in our bedroom yesterday. Why is it that the room that is supposed to be your sanctuary always gets helped last? It put a huge smile on my face to go to bed last night and have a prettier view. 

What are your favorite things to look at in your home today?

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

{instagram friday}

My friend Brin over at Bold Butter Baby is doing a new link up called "Pit and Peak", where you share the highest and lowest points from your week. I thought it would be fun to blend that with my Instagram Friday post this week.

My Pit

Worrying about my hubby...he has been having some stomach issues and he's going to the doctor tomorrow to try to get it figured out. If you have some spare prayers laying around I would greatly appreciate them coming our way. And I know...worry is like a rocking chair...

My Peak

Several times this week the boys have told me "I love you" without me saying it to them first. That is the best thing ever. EVER.

Here are a few photos from this past week...

Snuggling with my niece Aubrey during our belated Christmas celebration...

Ben and his breakfast partner...Batman of course...

I have a ridiculous sweet tooth...

The painting bug bit me and I threw a fun shade of turquoise into a little nook in the boys' playroom...can't wait to show you what I have in store for this space...

I had a little Tim Gun "make it work" moment with my thrifted lampshade and an IKEA cord kit...

 And after fighting it for about an hour I finally got it to hang straight...

 It has been a little bit cold here in Indiana this week...

And I have been super tired {apparently my eyes look two different sizes when I'm tired}...

My Facebook page hit 500 fans! Woot!!

What was your pit and peak from the past week?

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

{playing dress up}

Happy Wednesday friends!

I hope you are having a good week so far. I'm typing this on a Tuesday that feels like a Monday because of the work holiday so it feels weird to even be saying that...hasn't the week just started?

We had a really fun and productive weekend...celebrated Christmas with my hubby's extended family and I worked on a few home projects that had been on my list for awhile. It feels good to mark a few things off!

But I'm getting off topic...today is all about fashion.

Before I get to my outfits I wanted to say a sincere thank you to everyone who left such sweet and encouraging comments on last week's playing dress up post. I love, love, love the community of bloggers that I am lucky enough to call friends.

OK...sappy stuff out of the way. :) Let's get on to my outfits from the past week...

thrifted cardigan // Meijer top // Sears skirt // Kohl's boots & tights

Groopdealz necklace

Target cardigan // TJ Maxx top // thrifted Gap skirt 

Kohl's necklace

Kohl's tights // Target boots

 Target cardigan // TJ Maxx skinnies // Kohl's scarf & boots

Kohl's earrings

TJ Maxx top // thrifted cardigan & necklace // Kohl's jeans & flats

Dillards sweater // Kohl's tee // TJ Maxx skinnies // Target boots

Dillards earrings

Even though I love with a capital L my striped Target cardigan and floral Kohl's scarf, I think the last outfit this week might be my fave...I didn't realize how flattering it was until I looked at the photos. And the sweater/tee combo are SUPER comfortable which is a bonus. :) 

What was your favorite thing you wore this week?

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