Wednesday, April 04, 2018

New Family Member

I'd like to introduce you to a new family member.

A new member of my fake plant family! 

Which one is new, you ask? 

I know. There are four in this photo. (I have a problem.)

That tall, white potted beauty up there. That's her. 

She came to live with us thanks to the nice folks over at Silk Plants Direct

When they offered to send me another plant to add to my ever-growing (and never dying!) collection, and I saw their awesome selection, I couldn't turn down their offer.

I'm even thinking about buying a plant stand. For my fake plants. Is that weird?

I really don't care. Because my available surfaces are getting full. And these puppies aren't going anywhere because, well, you know.  

Just call me the crazy fake plant lady. 

And if you want to join me in this fake plant craziness, you can get 10% off everything but custom orders by using code BLOGGER10! 

Brown thumbs unite!


Saturday, March 24, 2018

Photowall Product Review + Coupon!

Happy weekend friends!

I hope you are enjoying some time to rest and relax from the week behind us. I know today, for me, was deeply needed after a week full of extra work responsibilities.

My soul needed time to breathe today.

This morning I put together a lovely canvas sent to me from the folks over at Photowall. 

They offer lots of ready-made artwork, or you can upload your own for them to print, which I did for this canvas.

It was a super easy process to attach the wooden frame and screw it together.

And now I have this lovely piece of my original, hand drawn, digital artwork to display.

Thanks Photowall for this lovely piece of artwork! 

And if you would like one of your own, you can head over to their site and enjoy 20% off your purchase with code MandyFordCampaign2018

But hurry! The code is only good through April 30th! 

You can also grab this lettering piece as a print in my Etsy shop here!



Tuesday, March 20, 2018

This Week in My Planner

Good morning friends! Happy Tuesday!

How is your week going so far? It is a busy one for me but I'm finding lots of reasons to be thankful, and my planner sure is one of them!

This week I decorated using printables from The Reset Girl

Goodness they are adorable! 

I was itching for some new stickers and since I didn't have somewhere to shop locally these were the best form of instant gratification!

I'm enjoying using the notes area to keep track of daily gratitudes!

SO ready for Friday! Spring break starts AND pizza night. Perfection.

I really love these little phrase strips. 

And I never forget to include my weekend morning coffee date with myself!

I didn't take the time this weekend to create a video of the process, but you can watch my first two over on my YouTube channel.

Hope you're having a fantastic week!



Saturday, March 10, 2018

New Happy Planner Video!

Hello friends! Happy Saturday!

I did another fun little video showing how I decorated in my classic size Happy Planner this past week. If you love adding stickers and other cute embellishments to yours as much as I do, I think you'll enjoy watching my process. I really love watching how others decorate theirs and getting new ideas.

If you head over to the video on my YouTube channel, I've left details for finding the stickers I used. 

Hope you have a great weekend!


Monday, February 26, 2018

In My Planner This Week

Happy Monday friends!

I hope you're having a great start to your week.

Mine has begun on a happier note because I set aside some time yesterday to prepare for the week in my Happy Planner! 

I have to say that since I started using a paper planner, it has really helped me focus and keep track of things. And it completely satisfies my craving for using cute stickers and washi tape, now that I don't scrapbook like I used to. I've been able to use stickers I had been hoarding for years, so I feel like I'm saving us money by not buying a ton of new ones. 

Always thinking about our budget! *wink* 

I thought it would be fun to do a video of how I decorated this week's spread, so you can check that out below!

Sending good vibes for a fantastic week!


Saturday, February 24, 2018

Living the Hygge Life

I finished my third book of 2018!

And I have A LOT to say about this one.

Holy heck do I have a lot to say.

First thing I have to say is HOOGA.

That's right - you pronounce it "hoo-ga" not "higgy" like I had been saying it in my mind for about a month.

Have you ever tried to switch up how you're pronouncing a word in you brain? Not the easiest thing. But after about a month of saying it correctly I think I'm about 85% there.

I don't have everything I want to say about this book formulated in my brain yet, but I know it will be more than one blog post. Probably multiple posts.

Because I am in absolute love with HYGGE.

So much that I started a Pinterest board.

I know this term has risen to Instagram and Pinterest fame here in the US recently, and has, dare we say, become a trend? I'm sure the Danish find that somewhat annoying considering the bulk of US culture is anything but hygge. (But we can talk about that later.)

I will say that I am not in love with hygge because it has become trendy. In fact I tend to go the opposite direction of trends in general.

The whole concept and feeling of hygge is something I was already working on integrating into my life without realizing there was a word for it.  

Everything in this photos oozes hygge to me...the soft, cozy rug, my favorite comfy shoes, and my arts supplies!

Hygge is about comfort, togetherness, feeling cozy, warm, and cared for. 

Oh, and lots of coffee and candles.

So basically my dream life. 

But not to trivialize is so much more than a cute mug full of caramel flavored coffee and a burning candle. 

It is a complete lifestyle revolving around living, what the kids say these days, your "best life." 

It is about happiness and what truly matters. 

So I'll be back later for more on everything hygge, but for now I think I'll sip my coffee and add some more inspiration to my Pinterest boardCome hang out over there and be inspired with me!

Hope you have a cozy, happy Saturday!


Friday, January 26, 2018

New Printable!

Hello friends! Happy Friday!

Oh my goodness are you as glad as I am that the weekend is here??

I've been busy over here drawing all sorts of fun Valentine's Day goodies to share with you for my newest printable set, which I added to my Etsy shop today! 

If you love February and Valentine's Day, I think you are going to love this set as much as I do. I mean, there are letter boards AND vintage typewriters. SO fun!
This set includes:

*Two patterned papers
*Six letterboard stickers (LOVE these!) including four blanks to personalize 
*Four journaling/quote cards
*Nine bullet point/list stickers
*Three tabs
*Six banners
*Six "coffee date" stickers
*Six "remember" stickers
*Two ridiculously adorable typewriters
*Three washi strips
*Three scallop strips
*Over twenty other stickers/images

I used it in my Happy Planner for my February monthly spread...

I can't wait to use it throughout the month too! That's the great thing about buying can re-print the pages/images you want to use more than once! 

I don't know about you, but I think I need about 10 copies of that "treat yo self" sticker. 

You can check out the entire set and purchase it here!

I'm also sharing more peeks into how I'm using my planner over on Instagram...come hang out with me over there



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